What is CBT Session?

The initial session lasts 90 minutes to allow  sufficient time for the client to ask questions pertaining to the therapeutic method, the therapist himself/herself or any other concerns. During the initial session the therapist asks many background questions and may inquire further to answers provided in a pre-completed questionnaire. After this session, after any further session you can voluntarily choose to terminate therapy.


Subsequent sessions:

  • The session will begin with a check on the patient's mood and symptoms.

  • Together, the patient and therapist set an agenda for the meeting. (typically the goal is to discuss progress towards a previously set goal.  However, life is unpredictable and as other  issues may have arisen, you may  choose to discus a more immediate issue, as a portion of the session.)

  • Once the agenda is set, the previous session is reviewed, in order to create a 'bridge' to that session. 

  • The therapist and patient then review the homework assignment and discuss problems and successes.

  • Next the therapist and patient  turn to the issues on the agenda, which may or may not all get addressed.

  • New homework is agreed upon.

  • The session ends with the therapist summarizing the session and getting feedback from the patient.



  • Individual Therapy - 2000 CZK / 55 minutes

  • Couples Therapy - 3000 CZK / 80 minutes